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21 June 2009

Joe Tish (1924 - ) female impersonator.

Joe was a well-known drag performer in New York from the early 1950s when he worked at the Moroccan Village on Eighth Street.

In the late 1960s he had a long-running show at the Crazy Horse.

He was refused admission to the Stonewall Tavern when in costume, although he was so admitted at some uptown straight clubs, where his artistry was recognized.

It was to Joe’s apartment that Tammy Novak ran after escaping from a police paddy wagon on the first night of the Stonewall riots.

Joe continued doing drag shows into his seventies, even performing at retirement homes.
  • Martin B Duberman. Stonewall. New York : Dutton, c1993. New York: Plume, 1994: 188,197, 290n.


Anonymous said...

Joe a/k/a Tish is still going strong at age 85. Joe was born February 24, 1924. Tish was always a professional and a very kind hearted soul. Always funny and a great MC....I think Tish will outlive all of us!

Anonymous said...

I saw Tish perform with Chrysis (later 'International Chrysis') at a little Italian restaurant in Hoboken in 1986. Definitely an eye-opener.

Claudia-Claudia said...

Tish Tish Tish I love to see him/her again we go way back!! Next time I go to NYC I hope to see her if she is still living at her old place on Bank st.
She needs to know that Tobi Marsh died last month too!!
Tish is alway been a camp that kunuk!!!

Mary Magdalena said...

Still looking for an answer from admin about Tish