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21 March 2007

Unknown major transsexual film star

Ajita Wilson (1950 – 1987). Born: George Wilson. Sometimes: Magda Urtado. From Brooklyn.

Wilson started out as a tranvestite entertainer in New York, and completed a sex change in the mid-1970s. After the operation she started appearing in adult films in New York. She was discovered by a European film producer who got her roles in various French and Italian porno-films. In 1978 she made a crossover into Euro-trash such as women-in-prison flics, and a number of interesting films directed by Jesus Franco. In 1986 she was arrested by the carabinieri in an brothel in Florence and tried to escape running naked throught the street. In 1987 she died from the complications from a road accident. There is an alternate story that says that she is Magda Urtado from Rio, but that is the name of her character in Sadomania – it is also her mother’s maiden name and birthplace.

IMDB lists her as appearing in 39 films. This compares with 6 for Aleshia Brevard, 26 for Eva Robin's, 28 for Holly Woodlawn, 79 for Bibi Anderson and 75 for Alexis Arquette. Most of Alexis' film were in her pre-op phase, so on the crude criteria of counting films Ajita is second only to Bibi as the major transsexual film star.

Okay, I've never seen an Ajita Wilson film either. But that is not the point. We are not here to be film snobs. We are talking quantity, not quality here. The point is that she is a major transsexual film star. An unknown celebrity if you like. Her web presence is mainly in discussion of her films. The major biography is the short one in IMDB, and an even shorter one in Wikipedia. Somebody has put up a longer bio as a Myspace blog. There is no proper Ajita Wilson website. Nor is she mentioned in books on transsexuals, although she does turn up in books on b-movies.

Ajita Wilson should be recognized.

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